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When your friend has cancer, you understand their world has been turned upside down. At Cancer Care Collective, we have taken our own experiences and connections with cancer to help you navigate life with a friend with cancer. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site.

What to say, what not to say to someone with cancer

We know  you may not have been in the position your friend is in now and navigating life with a friend with cancer can be tricky. Know in advance the really great things to say and the not so great things so,  you can chose your words with ease.

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What to give someone with cancer

You want to give your friend something special that tells them you are thinking of them at this time. But what? Don't worry, everything in our gift guide has been designed by someone who has had cancer or who has a very close connection and understanding of the need of cancer patients.

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What to do for someone with cancer

Sometimes we forget that everyday life needs to go on for your friend with cancer. But often it is a real struggle for them because of their treatment. Find out the really great and meaningful things you can be doing for your friend with cancer. Perhaps even build a network of people around your friend. 

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