About Us

Alexandra (Alyx) Stewart

Alyx was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, just nine weeks before her wedding. She describes her cancer experience as horrific and says cancer was the most lonely and isolating time of her life.  Many of her friends and family had no idea what to do for her or what to say to her. As a consequence, many disappeared from her life, some of them forever. Alyx suffered terribly with the side-effects of her treatment and was hospitalised frequently because of them. She was unable to eat due to her side-effects  and lost an alarming amount of weight. Little did anyone realise at the time but she was suffering with treatment-related malnutrition.

Some years on and Alyx decided that what she had endured and experienced had actually put her in a great position to help others through their journey. Not content on only helping the person with cancer, Alyx set out to inform the friends and family of someone with cancer about how to best handle the situation. She has written a book, Friendships: The Hidden Victims Of Cancer, has developed the app iCare4u, and has formulated a food range called Kee-moh Snacks so people can eat and take in nutrition despite their side-effects.

Still not content, Alyx set out to find others who had put their cancer journey learnings to good use and developed products and services to ease others journeys. This is how Cancer Care Collective was born - a collective of like minded people whose aim is to help those going through a cancer journey and assist the friends of people with cancer navigate life with a friend with cancer.