Gifts for a friend with cancer

Kee-moh Snacks

Sometimes saying it with flowers just doesn't cut it. Why just give a gift when you can give a difference?

Kee-moh Snacks carefully curated gift boxes will make an important difference in the life of someone going through a cancer journey. Side-effects limit the nutrition you are able take in but with Kee-moh Snacks, there will be something your friend can eat despite the side-effect they are experiencing. Created by Alyx Stewart,  breast cancer survivor.

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Kit For Cancer

Cancer is ugly, treatment doesn't need to be. When you have cancer the last thing you need to waste time on is finding stuff to help you get through the daily grind of treatment and generally feeling rubbish. So we took care of that by putting all the stuff that helps into one very stylish little box. Which means when you give it, there is more time for high fives and enjoying life together, the way friends and family should.

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The Grace Files

Janelle Ruthven is a former cardio-thoracic nurse. She created The Grace Files with ideas that sprang from her experiences as a mother and a nurse. Her Care + Notes cancer care journal and Kindness Kit gift boxes provide ,luxurious, nurturing, and helpful products for someone navigating the cancer journey. The Grace Files belief is that when you're going through cancer, there is only room for beautiful things.

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Cool-Jams Australia

Having spent more than a decade caring for cancer patients,  Mary-Louise an oncology nurse noticed night sweats were a common  side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. This inspired her to  find a product that would help with  night sweats. She now stocks Cool Jams, pyjamas that help those who overheated and suffer night sweats.

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Red Fern Lingerie

Red Fern Lingerie’s vision is to create beautiful & luxurious lingerie that will make women who have experienced breast cancer reconnect with their femininity, and to simply feel sexy and confident. Red Fern Lingerie's spirit is to deliver a sophisticated range of well made, European inspired lingerie that is stylish, exquisite, stunning, alluring, yet delicate and comfortable. Created by a survivor for survivors.

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Feel Better Box

Feel Better Box specialises in gifts to help people 'Feel Better.' Whether it be if they are going through a hard time, you'd like to send your sympathies or Get Well Soon gifts. We know you want to show a loved one you are thinking of them and you also want to help them recover quickly.

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Treat Me Treasure Me

These baskets are the careful work of Dr Jemma Gilchrist, cancer psychologist from Mind My Health. After talking to many hundreds of cancer patients at various stages of diagnosis, treatment and recovery, these care packs have been put together with everything you'll need to help you through.

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The Cancer Conversation

If you have cancer, or are supporting someone who does, you have questions. Everyone can benefit from the wisdom of someone else’s experience, but not everyone wants to be told what to think and how to feel. Jen, who is living with cancer, has experienced this first hand. Andrea, a friend in the front lines of her support system, struggled to help. They created The Cancer Conversation.

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