What To Do For A Friend With Cancer

Cook them a meal

A lot of the time, people with cancer have little to no appetite or their eating is restricted due to their treatment side-effects. Their energy can be very low so doing the everyday task of cooking for the family can be a huge struggle, if they are even able to do it at all. However, their family still needs to eat. 

Cook meals that ideally can be frozen too. This way if circumstances mean that the meal cannot be eaten on the day, there will be something ready to go in the future. 

If you are cooking for the person with cancer, make small portions that can be frozen rather than one large dish. This is help them when they have an appetite but can only manage something small.

Take a basket of laundry and return it ironed

This seems very basic but when you barely have enough energy to lift your head from the pillow, raising an iron is the last priority on your list.

Just as for cooking a meal for family, it is often the family that needs the extra help with the ironing.

Just a little tip: be sure  to use very lightly scented or non-scented laundry powders and liquids or rinses. The sense of smell can be altered during cancer treatment and what we may consider a lovely smell can seem quite different to someone going through chemotherapy. Also keep in mind to use products for sensitive skin. Cancer treatment can make the skin hyper-sensitive to normal powders and liquids and your friend could be prone to rashes and itching.

Clean their bathroom and toilet

Just do this one for your friend - trust me, it's a winner! 

When someone is having cancer treatment, their immune system and defences can become weakened and compromised. Being in a clean environment is paramount. Unfortunately, low energy levels and other effects from treatment just prohibit this job from getting done. 

Take the dog for a walk

Dogs generally have way more energy than someone going through cancer. Take your friends dog for a run and they will both love you for it.

Take out the bins on bin night and bring them back in

This is a really easy task to do for a neighbour with cancer but can mean the world to them. 

Organise a school pick up and drop off roster

Often people with cancer are unable to leave the house for many reasons. So organising that their children get to and from school safely takes a huge weight off their mind.